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Develop your freediving skills with this training module!

Natha Yoga is a vast and rewarding discipline, and the benefits of practice are many, the link to freediving has already been highlighted since the beginning of records, through Jacques Mayol.

Thanks to Natha Yoga you will be able to:

  • increase your flexibility,
  • develop your potential (breath, concentration, relaxation ...),
  • balance and save your energy every day.

In this module you will find:

  • the basics to practice with ease,
  • sessions adapted to freediving and your daily life,
  • measures to accompany you during your practice.

Anywhere and anytime, learn and progress with your media ABYSS Garden: all your media will be accessible in one click via PC, Smartphone and Tablet!

WARNING : theses courses are only in french

  1. Contenu de la formation
  2. 1. Presentation of the training
  3. 2. The basics of yoga
    8 min
  4. 3. Session for dynamic freediving
    15 min
  5. 4. Session for static freediving
    17 min
  6. 5. Session for vertical freediving
    22 min
  7. 6. Data sheets
35,00 €
  • Effective technical bases for starting yoga
  • Yoga sessions to practice anytime
  • Practical sheets to progress in freediving
  • You supports accessible via Smartphone, Tablet and PC!
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