Online Freediving School

This space will be dedicated to teaching freediving online.

You will find your digital training booklets with videos, educational sheets and our online training to progress and improve your apneas!

Educational sheets and record books are only available in french!

Online Courses

Record books

Access your digital internship booklet, read absolutely before your freediving course! You keep good access to your booklet after your internship at ABYSS Garden. For ease of learning, these digital booklets are punctuated with schemas and embedded videos.

Only in French nowaday!

Educational sheets

Technical sheets to progress during your training, complete your training and develop your potential! Each month new cards will be available!

Only in French nowaday!

Exams and certifications

Find all the theoretical exams you need online to get your FFESSM or AIDA International certifications. These exams conform to the requirements of the standards of each federation.