Spearfishing courses & sea trips

At ABYSS Garden, the experience continues beyond "pure" snorkeling. Spearfishing is another connection with the sea. The pleasure of knowing its secrets, the species that are found there according to the seasons, according to the zones, according to the weather, ... The pleasure of  spearfishing your own meal and share it!

Our professional instructors offer you to introduce you to spearfishing or to improve your skills. You will be trained in snorkeling techniques and spearfishing techniques. All our training courses include a section on spearfishing safety, with technical practice. This last element is essential to know to dive in pairs safely!

You will discover and learn spearfishing in its form which respects the marine environment and biodiversity. We organize the days with technical sessions at sea alternating on snorkeling methods, spearfishing techniques, target shooting and many other work elements to learn and progress.

We organize spearfishing trips in La Ciotat and surroundings, it will be at this time that you can come back (possibly) with your fishing at home!