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Become a professional og equalization with this training module!

Online training, a simple and effective tool to progress in freediving! Not always time to move to do an internship? Need to practice at home in addition to your freediving training in a pool?

Anywhere and anytime, learn and progress with your media ABYSS Garden: all your media will be accessible in one click via PC, Smartphone and Tablet!

In order to understand and manage the problems of equalization encountered in freediving, and with all the know-how of ABYSS Garden for its pedagogy, you will find:

  • a course on understanding the different methods of equalization,
  • more than 30 exercises in videos to train and progress in equalization,
  • practical sheets to develop your freediving knowledge.

Warning : theses videos are in french!

  1. Contenu de la formation
  2. 1. Presentation of the course
  3. 2. Equalization : why master it?
    9 min
  4. 3. Prevent and strengthen equalization musculature
    8 min
  5. 4. Mastering your equalization
    16 min
  6. 5. Optimize the method of Frenzel
    16 min
  7. 6. Deep equalization techniques
    15 min
  8. 7. Data sheets
35,00 €
  • More than 30 exercises on video equalization
  • Accessible methods from beginner to expert in depth
  • You supports accessible via Smartphone, Tablet and PC!
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