Freediving exercises at home: stretching for freediving and diaphragm work.

A new technical sheet on stretchning for freediving

Optimize your freediving training with this exercise for the diaphragmatic area

This practical sheet aims to provide basic technical elements related to the development of the flexibility necessary to optimize an apnea.

Where to start?

At first, mastering and increasing the duration of the breathing rhythms will be enough to increase your thoracic and abdominal flexibility (read the first "concentration" technical sheet available to you).

It will then be necessary to work on certain postures favorable to the development of the flexibility of the bust

What is a stretch?

A stretch is a posture that will target the work of a muscle group. It is important not to try to achieve the final posture "at all costs" (an often misleading visual), the goal being only to exercise the desired muscle group.

Stretching is therefore accessible to everyone, as long as you listen to yourself and be patient!

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