Freediving gift for christmas

freediving gift

An original gift idea for christmas

For a confirmed freediver For a beginner wanting to learn freediving?

Looking for an original Christmas gift idea? More or less budget to devote to it?

ABYSS Garden offers you to book online a gift coupon "freediving" for the amount of your choice. This will allow the beneficiary to choose the formula that suits him the most according to his current level of freediving.
You can also directly offer him a freediving course or an activity (freediving intro, freediving training, personalized course, ...) that you have chosen for him / her.

In all cases, go to our website: click on any course, you can then click on "offer this course". If you wish to choose the amount of your gift voucher, type the amount of your choice (lower or higher) and we will make you a good gift of a numerical value and not of a particular product!