Freediving trainings

The ABYSS Garden club: a unique nautical activity!

Enjoy in safely way, in an adapted structure: this is the objective of the ABYSS Garden Club, through our various nautical activities.

Activities ABYSS Garden: discover freediving, progress and share!

Freediving, a nautical activity of nature accessible to all, allowing to fully benefit from the riches of the marine environment.

It is a form of ecotourism combining well-being, physical expenditure and discovery of the environment.

So put on your fins, mask and snorkel, and go on a trip with a professional guide specialized in freediving, for a unique activity in La Ciotat!

Within ABYSS Garden, you will find activities accessible to everyone from 8 years old: from snorkeling to freediving, you will discover underwater land around the Ile Verte, entrance to the National Park of Creeks.

You will also be able to train in freediving, to progress at your pace, every week, with freedivers of all levels, whatever your depth.

Our school offers optimum comfort and safety, ideal for deep freediving but also for fun freediving.

Every week from April to November, you will find the schedule of the releases in the news section.

ABYSS Garden also offers personalized coaching for all those who wish to reach their personal or professional goals in freediving.

ABYSS Garden offering you

  • All sites are within 10 minutes of navigation, between Marseille and La Ciotat
  • Floating support
  • Cressi our partner enables us to provide neoprene clothes specific to CRESSI Apnea 5mm for each period of the year
  • Showers and changing rooms

These courses are aimed

  • Media and educational and technical tools activity
  • Supervised by a professional instructor
  • Liability insurance for the activity *

Our price include

  • AIDA Instructor Snorkeling and Freediving Guide
  • Educational tools and materials
  • Equipment suitable for teaching (classroom, changing rooms, reception)
  • Liability insurance for the activity*

* Additional insurance is possible for all our activities, day, week or year.

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