Freediving trainings and fun diving

Appropriate freediving training

A beginner's freediving club to the athlete

Our freediving club AIDA and CMAS offer you the possibility of practicing freediving all the season, whatever your depth and your freediving.

Our embarcation is equipped with a stem system for cables and depht safety is supervised by an instructor AIDA International and CMAS.

The idea is above all to share with others the experience and the good humor! These trainings are accessible to all freedivers with a level (AIDA,SSI,RAID,PADI...) and whatever your freediving experience, beginner or expert (for a freediving depth  upper than 60m, please contact us before to check daily weather conditions).

You will be able to progress in freediving, in small committee (maximum 4 freedivers by rope), with a structure adapted for the deep freediving.

Thanks to our flexible training hires, you can train in apnea before (9h / 12h) or after work (17h / 20h) to decompress the stresses of the day!

The exploration outings will be the opportunity to take advantage of the various spots of freediving and to discover the numerous sites of the Bay of La Ciotat and its surroundings, whatever your level: the sites are adapted to the depth of each, the snorkeler to the expert of freediving.

Outings on the drop off, the caves, in the National Park, the sites are varied and the material adapts.

A perfect moment to relax and learn to observe the marine life!

And how to manage it if i don't have a certified level in freediving? 

You need to take a personnal coaching with an instructor, who will give you personnal skills to progress in a safe way in freediving. You will start by review or learning the safety buddying techniques and profite with an experimented instructor for increase your depht !


Season opening hours (April to October)

The training sessions take place in the morning from 9 am to 12 am or at the end of the day from 5 pm to 8 pm.

The fun freediving session take place on the afternoon from 2 pm to 5 pm

To know the days and times of exit please consult the heading news, you will have every week the days and the number of remaining places.

Duration : 3 hours
Price : 40,00 €
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  • Specific equipment adapted (stem, cable, lanyard, workshop on all disciplines)
  • Safety freediver at each deep descent and safety surface
  • Depth quickly accessible




Our formulas

  • Designation
  • Training
    40,00 €
  • Training + Coaching
    80,00 €
  • 10 Sessions
    300,00 €
  • Unlimited trainings for one year
    430,00 €