Freediving instructor course : became a pro!

Became a freediving instructor ! You wanna change your life? Dreaming about freediving and depht? Let's your dream become true with the ABYSS Garden freediving instructor education, a team of professionnal freediver trainer who will optimise your teaching potential.

Freediving instructor courses

The freediving instructor courses offered by ABYSS Garden will aim to train you in the pedagogical techniques useful to the teaching of freediving, offering you our sharing of experience of teaching, coaching, depth ...

Each freediver is unique, so it is essential to preserve the specificities of one and the other: our pedagogical approach will provide you with a solid basis for your next courses, while respecting the standards of AIDA International.

You will learn to get rid of standardization to develop your pedagogical potential and offer the best of yourself to your students.

Professionnal staff

  • AIDA International instructor trainer
  • Experts in freediving 
  • Teacher as a long time and still on air

Adapted tools

  • ABYSS Garden teaching manual 
  • Theoric and practice tools for your next course
  • Real students for more adaptation