Deep freediving course

As a supplement to the various techniques which you have already learnt, this freediving course is specially designed for those who want to go deeper, with the equalisation technique called "full mouth". If you want to have an AIDA 4* certification, you just have to take an extra day.

Tackled issues are multiple : nutrition, fitness, problems and bound solutions for depth...

And if you want to learn more skills, don't worry, it's possible to add 1 to 3 personnal coaching days more! In case contact us by email for check the shedule!

Duration : 3 days
Price : 330,00 €
  • 1 advanced breathing session
  • 1 dynamic session
  • 5 sea sessions
  • 3 theory online session
  • 1 dry training session
  • 1 static apnea session
  • AIDA 4* manual and certification with an extra day : 130 €