Beginner freediving course

This freediving course is the first step for freediving. You will learn all the basics skills for freediving at depht in a safety way, with all the professionnalism of guidemines from AIDA International. You can validate the AIDA 2* certification  with this course.

Anyone can freedive, you just need to have some knowledges with a professionnal of freediving!

During this freediving course, you will have an AIDA Master Instructor to teach and carry you.

And if you want to learn more skills, don't worry,it's possible  to add 1 to 3  personnal coaching days more! In case contact us by email for check the shedule!

Duration : 2 days
Price : 220,00 €
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  • 1 breathing and static apnea session
  • 3 open water session
  • 2 théoric sessions
  • AIDA**manual and certification with an aditionnal price : 20€

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