The genetic secrets of the world's greetest freediver

Are William Trubridge's World frediving World champion records due to a specificity of his genome?

Trubridge has agreed to make public the analysis of his genome and the results are amazing for an freediving champion!

You may not know it but Willial Trubridge has studied genetics in his past and worked years ago on the sequencing of agricultural and horticultural genomes. When it is proposed to analyze its genome and to seek secrets related to its performances in freediving, it accepts very willingly.

While specialists were expecting Trubridge to have a lesser tendency to produce lactate compared to other athletes, the opposite is true!

To recall, lactate is a substance that accumulates in the muscles when they lack oxygen, causing a burning sensation.

Scientists are looking at other aspects: aerobic fitness, muscle mass, ...

The report also reveals health risks for Trubridge including the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Scientists have revealed that high iron intake may be a factor associated with the development of the disease. William Trubridge followed a diet with an iron supplement.

You can read more about this analysis by reading the article.

William Trubridge holds many world records in freediving:

122 m (~ 400 ft) Free Immersion, April 30, 2016
124 m (~ 407 ft) Free Immersion, May 2, 2016 [3]
132 m (~ 433 ft) Free Immersion, June 16, 2016
102 m (334.65 ft) Constant weight without fins, 21 July 2016 [4]

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