Wordl and national record raining in Bahamas !

And here is the end of the Vertical Blue, often the most impressive competition in term of freediving records.

And as proof, during the last two days, we saw the world record of constant weight strained.

On the 9th day of competition, it is first Alexey Molchanov who begins the festivities, reaching -124m in FIM. Unfortunately it will not bring the tag back to the top!

Then comes the turn of Hanako Hirose, which validates -103m and thus new world record established by Alessia Zecchini a few days ago (-102m)! But it was without counting on the tenacity of the Italian freediver, who offers us a dive at -104m a few minutes later by signing a new world record! Incredible rebound for this freediving day  which is not finished ...

After Stephane Tourreau validated a dive at -107m in CWT, Morgan Bourc'his made a dive in FIM at -104m, and set a new freediving French record, held by the champion Guillaume Nery.

This dive will also give him 3rd place overall, just behind Molchanov and Trubridge

Congratulations to all and thank you for making us dream!

Your children will also be able to meet the champion of Marseille next week at the children's club of the school.