Schedule of freediving sessions to entrainer in freediving this week

Come to entrainer in freediving every week at ABYSS Garden

A simple and pleasant way to entrainer in freediving!

Our freediving club offers freediving sessions in the price list of 25€/exit but also pads of 10 exits in 210€, to entrainer in freediving or make some exploration at a lower cost!

From this week, we have addes to the schedule some "after-work" freediving sessions from 5 pm till 8 pm. Of what to take advantage to entrainer in freediving in one of the most pleasant moments of the day during the sun set.

Here is the schedule of freediving sessions of the week:

Freediving training

Wednesday 9 a.m

Wednesday 17 p.m

Friday 9 a.m

Friday 17 p.m

Saturday 9 a.m

Sunday 9 a.m

Fun freediving sessions

Sunday 14 p.m


Reservations by e-mail :