Freediving training and fun freediving this week in our freediving school

The schedule of this week for entrainer in freediving or make fun freediving

Who comes to entrainer in freediving this week?

Our freediving school based in La Ciotat, proposes every week to come to practise freediving in complete safety with:

- freediving material specific adapted (gallows, cable, tether, workshop on all the disciplines),

- A safety freediver in every deep descent and safety surfaces,

accessible deeps in a few minutes by boat.

Here is the schedule of the week:


on Tuesday 9h-12h

on Wednesday 18h-21h (session of relaxation at 5 pm)

on Friday 9h-12h on Sunday 9h-12h


on Friday 14h-17h

on Sunday 14h-17h

For any regular practice (pad of 10 exits), a license iAIDA or FFESSM will be necessary for you. It is possible to obtain it from your arrival to the freediving school. This license will cover you all year long during your practice of freediving, in our school or somewhere else. Cost of the license at Abyss Garden: 45€