Beginner freediving course: last availabilities

A freediving course in a 100% freediving center

Our ABYSS Garden freediving center was created more than 10 years ago in La Ciotat by an enthusiast wishing to share his passion for freediving with as many people as possible. Pedagogical experience, experience at sea and quality of our services have allowed an extraordinary "word of mouth" making the reputation of our freediving center today. Wishing to keep this quality, we remain a small structure and we offer freediving courses with 4 to 5 trainees maximum with the instructor. Victim of our success, the months of September and October have been full for 1 month for beginner, intermediate and expert freediving courses.

A new session has been opened: Thursday 22 and Friday 23 September 2022. Register quickly!

A freediving course adapted for beginners

To start, nothing better than a complete freediving course to learn the technical basics of freediving at sea.

Relaxation, Breathing and Breathing

Here are 3 essentials for the practice of freediving. These notions will be discussed throughout your internship but also during a specific session.

The technique for your descents under water

You will learn during your beginner freediving course the essential base for your freediving: the duck. Easy to say but not always easy to do effectively! We will talk to you about verticality, underwater positioning, relaxation and much more!

Apnea compensation

Here is another essential: compensation or how to rebalance the pressures on both sides of the eardrum when these, that of the water in the outer ear and that of the air in the middle ear (sinus included) , are not equal due to depth variation. The techniques are simple but deserve to be "unpacked" so that you can understand what is happening in your body and can dive without hurting yourself!

Next date: September 22 and 23 with 5 fresh new places to take!