An afternoon to test freediving flippers at sea or a noseclip for example

The new C4 Carbon freediving fins or the new Fakir Octopus Freediving nose clip to test at sea

The unique opportunity to test freediving equipment at sea before buying

Come discover and try at sea the new products of two leading brands on the freediving market: C4 Carbon and Octopus Freediving.

During this afternoon, you will be able to try in particular:

C4 carbon 200 freediving fins

With the 200 liner, C4 positioned the blade of the fin in line with the metatarsus and not in front of the foot. This allows the freediver to naturally maintain an upright position, aligned with the direction of movement, with perfect fore/aft balance. In short, resistance has been removed. The 200 carbon fins have been designed “around the person”. The blade is positioned under the metatarsus. The blade/footwear connection is minimal and therefore very hydrodynamic. The blade has a controlled curvature close to the foot. By effectively eliminating the “traditional” tough surface, the 200 allows the biomechanics of kicking more agility and less fatigue. The 200 liners weigh 189g in size 42/43, by far the lightest liners on the market. The upper part of the 200 liner of the C4 carbon fins is made with a resistant and elastic thermoplastic, which provides great comfort and ease of donning.

The blades are designed and manufactured with a new progressive carbon fiber slope process, an essential technical feature for these fins which combines 4 different Japanese carbon fibers, specific to each layer, to optimize the reactivity and resistance of these blades. The combination of HT15 carbon for the exterior (exclusive to C4), 7 layers of high resistance fabric and a calibrated combination of unidirectional layers gives unique responsiveness and exceptional mechanical resistance. The specific lamination of the 200 has made it possible to create an extremely resistant blade.

The spars (water rails) of the 200 carbon fins are not glued but overmolded by a specific injection process which allows the plastic material to be welded with the resin. This innovative manufacturing method, never used before on composite materials, was developed by C4 technicians.
Overmolding is an industrial process, perfectly repetitive, which avoids any detachment that can occur with glued beams. The overmolding made it possible to create spars with a progressive profile. The part closest to the shoe has an ideal profile to protect the blade without overloading it with water volume, and therefore without restricting its elasticity. Gradually, the height of the spar increases to become an effective guide for the water, and thus help to avoid skidding and the loss of power of the wing.

The different fins: L1090 ​​APNEA, L1090 ​​PESCA, Firestone, L090 Betta

The complete set of C4 Carbon apnea masks

C4 carbon low volume apnea masks are tested and approved by our team!

Plasma, Plasma XL and Falcon are the 3 benchmark apnea masks on the market. C'Carbon strikes hard by offering us quality, comfort, solidity and design with many colors.

The Octopus Freediving apnea equipment

This afternoon at sea will be an opportunity to test the brand's nose clips: the classic, the carbon nose clip or the fakir nose clip

All the brand's other products are tested by us all year round.

Organization of the day

The appointment is given in front of our center at 1:30 p.m. After a quick presentation of the equipment, we will equip ourselves to test the equipment at sea and give you the advice you want to choose the equipment best suited to your practice or your morphology.

Returning to the port around 5 p.m., an aperitif will be offered to you on our terrace, the opportunity to exchange and place an order for your new equipment!

Mandatory registration by email:
Limited seats!

Exit sea price: 35 euros.
If you buy equipment for 35 euros or more, the sea trip is free!