Choose a freediving course suitable for you!

From beginner to expert, we have the freediving course for you!

The freediving course to start

Is snorkeling your dream? Do you love diving with your mask and snorkel? Hold your breath in the tub?

During this freediving course, you will discover all the basic freediving techniques. The course program takes place over 2 days with technical sessions at sea, a relaxation session, static apnea, a session on safety and finally an exploration dive on one of the magnificent spots in the heart of the National Park. of the Calanques.

This freediving course will be offered to you by a professional freediving instructor who will allow you to progress quickly in freediving, in complete safety, and in a friendly atmosphere (maximum 5 students per instructor).

If you wish to obtain an apnea certification, it is possible, at the end of this course you will be able to validate a level of the FFESSM or AIDA federation.

Many dates are proposed for this course between May and October: we tell you more here!

The freediving course to progress

During this intermediate level freediving course, all the technical aspects to progress in freediving will be discussed, and you will then be autonomous to be able to train and improve your depth of evolution on each of your outings. This freediving course is made for you if you already practice freediving and you are already evolving at a depth of 15 meters or more.

You will learn the basics of training for apnea, the physiological aspects and techniques of compensation in apnea related to depth, improve your breathing techniques and mastery of free fall, a real invitation to let go!

This freediving course takes place over 2 days in small groups to optimize the quality, comfort and attention paid to each student: 4 people max / instructor.

We organize 2 or 3 sessions per month for this freediving course, between April and October, you will find all the dates here: Book my intermediate level freediving course!

If you wish to obtain an FFESSM or AIDA freediving certification, you will have to complete this course with an additional day and you will then be able to validate the AIDA 3* or FFESSM level "confirmed open water freediver" (ACEL).

The freediving course to practice freediving in depth

Our instructors, specialists in vertical apnea, will provide you with all the techniques to progress and perfect your techniques for deep apnea. If you are already evolving on 30 meters and more, this expert apnea course is made for you.

Planning your training, in-depth physiological changes, in-depth compensation technique,... these are the themes you will address during this throughout the 3 days of freediving training.

For maximum comfort and progress, you will be 4 maximum with the instructor and you will therefore be able to discuss throughout this freediving course with him on your problems, your objectives,...

3 sessions are scheduled during the year: in June, August and September. Book your expert freediving course!

If you wish to obtain an FFESSM or AIDA freediving certification, you will have to complete this course with an additional day and you can then validate the AIDA '* or FFESSM level "open water expert freediver" (AAEL).

Your freediving course booklet online with many videos

By booking a freediving course at ABYSS Garden, we will give you access to an online course booklet with many technical information to learn and practice freediving. These booklets are composed of many diagrams and videos to learn in a simple and effective way. These accesses are open "for life" and you can therefore keep them after your freediving course, for example to review an exercise or other!

You will also have access to freediving technical sheets on many techniques allowing you to work on specific exercises for freediving at home after the course!