Mental preparation during a freediving course

Mental preparation for vertical and static apnea

A freediving course that we organize once a year for you in La Ciotat

A process well known to some high level athletes (motorcycle GP, tennis, and now freediving ...), mental preparation allows to obtain better emotional and behavioral stability, with an objective of ideal state of performance.

These benefits go beyond the management of this stability. With appropriate techniques (visualization, relaxation ...), it also makes it possible to go beyond psychic patterns sometimes established as absolute truths ("this stage is too high", "I am blocked because of this", etc ...) and increase self-confidence.

The objective of this freediving course is to give you the basics of mental preparation, in order to optimize your performance, whether for a leisure or competitive activity and then be able to:
- Develop your mental skills
- Better manage the stress of an event
- Improve your concentration
- Obtain a better recovery for the preparation

All the techniques and procedures discussed are accessible to all, without any prior notion necessary in mental preparation.

If you have already started freediving and you go down for 10 min,

If you already do deep freediving,

Join us for this freediving course, you will discover, rediscover or develop your mental and technical potential!

Registrations are made directly online: