Freediving coaching

This week half-day or full-day apnea course of your choice

Here are the dates that we offer you for a personalized freediving course this week in our freediving center in La Ciotat:

- Wednesday June 16, 2021 day or morning

- Friday June 18 morning

You will be 1 to 2 people max for this freediving course. It will allow you either to discover freediving gently and in close proximity to the instructor, or to work on the theme of your choice if you already practice freediving and want to progress.

Freediving coaching with this course is also about understanding what is holding you back, and designing each session specifically for you, to help you relax and enjoy your practice, while learning and developing your skills. skills.

Here is an example of specific themes that we can build together during this freediving course:

spearfishing (postures, observation techniques, fishing ...)
compensation (significant release, optimization of Frenzel, learning and mastery of mouthfill ...)
passage of AIDA or FFESSM levels (beginner to instructor)
mental preparation (relaxation, conditioning, goal preparation ...)
These freediving courses will be fully personalized so that we can best meet your expectations, your desires and your comfort.

We have a program for the entire season of these freediving courses, do not hesitate to contact us for the other dates!