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First exercise to improve freediving

Concentration: optimize your freediving training

The purpose of this practical sheet is to provide basic technical elements related to the development of the concentration necessary to optimize your freediving training. A simple and effective exercise for your freediving training.

Where to start?

Above all, it is essential to keep one rule in mind: the simple things are always the most difficult to achieve. It is therefore unnecessary to start concentration exercises with complex goals. At first, mastering the rhythms of the breath coupled with a simple visualization will be more than enough to establish what is called an anchor for your relaxation.

What is an anchor?

An anchor makes it possible to (re) create a specific state (here of relaxation) by using a simple stimulus to trigger this state (here the rhythm of breath). Postures for practicing It is essential, when practicing the work of the breath, to be in an appropriate posture.

The criteria are simple:

• Shoulders should be relaxed

• The bust must be free of movement Discover in this technical sheet the postures to adopt, the rhythms of breath and some concentration exercises by visualization.

The rhythm of the breath remains the common thread for these first concentrations. Breathing makes it possible to control the mind by learning to control thoughts gradually, without unnecessary tension. As with the rhythm of the breath, it is important to start with simple visualizations to stay focused.

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