Choose your freediving course for your AIDA level

Complete freediving courses and obtain a freediving level

Two federations for your freediving levels : AIDA or FFESSM

Our freediving center is affiliated to the federations AIDA (International Association for the Development of Apnea) and FFESSM (French Federation for Underwater Studies and Sports).

You can achieve a freediving level :

  • FFESSM "free water freediver" or AIDA 2 * with our beginner freediving course of 2 days.
    Price : 220 euros.
  • FFESSM "confirmed open water freediver" or AIDA 3 * with our 2-day intermediate freediving course and adding 1 additional day.
    Price : 230 + 130 = 360 euros.
  • FFESSM "expert open water freediver" or AIDA 4 * with our expert freediving course of 3 days and adding 1 full day.
    Price : 320 + 130 = 450 euros.

No stress for the passage of the freediving level, we offer you a validation of this level in "continuous training". This means that you will learn and will progress throughout your freediving course. The instructor will validate as and when required for the level of apnea. The theoretical exam will be done online and upstream of the course in order to check what has been learned and to come back to any questions or misunderstanding during the course with the instructor.

The advantages of ABYSS Garden
  • Our center is 100% dedicated to the practice of freediving at sea and we offer freediving equipment suitable for rental if you need it : freediving fins, apnea mask, apnea cobination, ...
  • We offer you quality teaching with digital pedagogy and our online school: digital educational support accessible via smartphone, tablet and PC
  • Our 3 professional apnea instructors are experienced (DEJEPS or BPJEPS apnea, AIDA, FFESSM)
  • Our center respects a philosophy of quality teaching with 5 students max / instructor

All the dates of our freediving courses are online, we offer courses every week, generally Thursday / Friday or Saturday / Sunday for 2-day courses. Our experience and the reputation of our center mean that our courses are often full 1 month in advance, do not hesitate to book in advance on our website!