Confin'Apnée session 2

Session 2 Confin'Apnée

Developp your hypoxic capacity 

This session comes from a training of a high level freediver in static apnea, sharing a philosophy similar to ours with regard to apnea, and several concept of life in general. Here is a session which will be rather short in duration, but very effective for working on the development of your hypoxic capacity, that is to say your capacity to keep the body in activity while having an increasing oxygen debt as and measurement of your apnea: do not be too greedy with your progress, never forget that hypoxia is not a normal phenomenon for humans!

This implies 2 essential elements to integrate from the start into your freediving training and therefore your increase hypoxia :

  • the phenomenon of hypoxia being contrary to the metabolic functioning of the human being, it is necessary to have a slow adaptation
  • the psychic behavior which results from it will often be contrary to our expectations, it is necessary to assimilate also for our brain that hypoxia can be bearable, provided that the experience is always positive, therefore pleasant. The first thing to do is therefore to separate from our notion of time and ego: no max apnea test, it is useless and tiring physically and mentally!

Vincent Mathieu's exercise lends itself perfectly to this logic of diverting temporal attention, while avoiding focusing on a duration specific to our freediving time.

Here is the sequence of the session:

Lying on your carpet, or in your bed, perform 2 minutes of ventilation in rhythm 1/2

Perform a first apnea, and start your watch / stopwatch, without paying attention to time.

During your first inspiration, take a look at the watch, and finish the '' lap of the dial '' by recovering, then start again apnea. (for example if you breathe at 40s, take 20s of recovery and restart apnea, or if you breathe at 15s take 45s of recovery and restart apnea)

You will therefore chain the apneas, without necessarily paying attention to the minutes that separate your freediving trips, with random recoveries, and yet you will see that the exercise will be rather pleasant, as long as you focus on the sensations, and acceptance of these. (We will talk about this approach in a next session in more detail)

Continue for 40 minutes this exercise, and you will have finished your session, fast but effective!

Of course if some people feel the need to debrief this session, or the previous session on Monday, do not hesitate to contact me by email!

Good session to all!