Freediving course and mental training

freediving and mental

A freediving course to release the breath and become aware of the power of the mind

Static freediving and mental preparation exercises

It is in La Ciotat that we welcome you for this day of freediving course : a private pool and a comfortable classroom for this day.

A first session in the classroom, to practice and experiment different techniques of mental preparation, all from our experience in the practice of different disciplines (freediving, nidra yoga, sophrology ...) but also in a professional environment.

A more specific session for apnea, focusing on mental diagrams, concentration, will also be on the program, in a private pool, in order to obtain the best conditions for setting up, to experience the benefits of a better concentration, and to go a little further in the interiorization.

A second session in the classroom will allow to discuss the notion of optimization of an objective, through conditioning.

All with a smooth approach adaptable to all levels of practice, whether you are beginner or confirmed.