yoga and freediving : complementarity?

Yoga and freediving : myth or reality?

Yoga, a complementary discipline at each stage of life

Freediving is a sport often associated with yoga, in terms of image and connection to meditation.

But what is it really?

One only has to look at our logo: the posture in which the freediver is located is the '' lotus '', a posture of meditation used for the practice of Natha Yoga, and many other currents.

Trying to answer the question, yoga is helpful to '' .... '' is still a broad debate, for two main reasons:

1 / there are very few "Cartesian" studies aimed at proving its benefits, which remains difficult for a Western culture like ours, based on the image and the logic of believing in what we see, or rather '' perceives '', and the increased development of our left emitter.

2 / this displine comes from India, where the culture of the mind (not the brain) is omnipresent, which is even more abstract for us.

he main idea of ​​a daily or weekly yoga practice would be to balance the physical and the mental, by voluntarily putting in motion forces of force (energies) in order to harmonize our relationship to other beings. humans and living beings whatever they are.

Due to the different phases required for this "practice", several stages will be of great help for freediving :

- on the one hand the asanas (postures), because even if the main goal is to work on these famous fields of forces in a targeted and accessible way (thus by the physical one) for a Westerner, it brings a great diaphragmatic and thoracic flexibility, quality more than sought for an in-depth freediver.

- on the other hand pranayama (energy of the breath) and the dharanas (concentrations) will also have a utility to develop our attention, and to lead to a better muscular use of the pulmonary capacity

From an objective point of view, these 2 main points (we could of course support and find others for the skeptics) can and are mostly worked without having any notion of these famous force fields, and therefore no direct link with the practical utility of Yoga.

It could therefore be more like breath work and stretching, as described in our technical training booklet that we offer at ABYSS Garden.

Who would want to look further, we can (and of course it is a point of view, I would understand the skeptics with joy) to realize that Yoga, whose early writings date back to several centuries BC, is present in many disciplines, even the base of their foundation, such as sophrology, stretching postures, autogenic training ...

To conclude, practicing Yoga will never be harmful, provided you know some basics, that you can find in our online course Hatha Yoga, and will get to know each other better. A discipline focused on the senses and their withdrawal, a considerable asset at a time of hyper society!

You will soon find datasheets on Yoga on our school online, do not hesitate to consult them!