Dolphin man, in the footsteps of Jacques Mayol : may 30th in the cinema

freediving documentary

A good freediving documentary  

Soon in the cinema!

After a first distribution on Arte last September, the freediving documentary  " the dolphin man , on Jacques Mayol's tracks " is born in cinemas on May 30th of this year.

The movie has just just been rewarded for the price of the Best Documentary and for the Best director beginning for Lefteris Charitosaux Iris-Prix of the Hellenic Academy of the movie 2018, the equivalent of the Caesar.

Director/ réalisateur : Lefteris Charitos
Status / statut : post-production
Producers/ producteurs: Rea Apostolides et Yuri Averof, Anemon Films Grèce
Coproducers / coproducteurs:  Estelle Robin You, Les films du balibari et Ed Bareveld, Storyline entertainment Canada
In coproduction with: Madeleine Avramoussis/ARTE, Knowledge Network, WOWOW et ERT
Support / soutien : Creative Europe, Fonds d’aide à la coproduction Franco-Grèque CNC et Greek Film Center, Région des Pays de la Loire