Data sheet for the autonomy: the safety surfaces in vertical freediving

freediving school

An index card to be consulted to be autonomous (with another person!) in freediving

The safety in vertical freediving

Freediving is not a sport at risk in itself, from the moment the basic rule is respected: never dive alone!

Indeed, the main accident for which we try to avoid in apnea is called the syncope: a mechanism of protection of the human body, which when it undergoes a very high hypoxie, is going to allow to keep the oxygen necessary for the brain. Thus the cerebral vascular system is going to work normally but the rest of the body is going to be inanimate, which amounts to fall unconscious. As soon as the oxygen will be too low for the brain, reflex ventilatoire will appear, and if air traffics are immersed we drown ourselves.

Consult here the data sheet AUTONOMY 1 to have more details

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