Personalized program to become freediving instructor

A personalized program for a maximum efficiency

You want a personalized course for your future job ? 

You want to become a freediving instructor, cause it's your passion but you don't have any certify level in freediving ? 

Your shedule is tight and you need flexibility ? 

This course is made for you ! We will organise every step for you, including training, increasing skills for freediving, learning teaching skills and how to use and otpimize tools for teaching freddiving. 

We have different daily programs, because everyone is different ! 

Duration : Depending shedule
Price : 390,00 €
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  • freediving personal training 
  • educational tools and materials
  • equipment suitable for teaching ( classroom, changing rooms , reception)
  • practice teaching session
  • Theorical teaching session
  • apnea deep technical session
  • specific theoricl session (equalisation , stretching ... )

Our formulas

  • Designation
  • Price
    1 350,00 €
  • Price
    1 700,00 €