Static freediving course

Come to improve and increase your freediving practice, during a stage of static freediving with the world champion CMAS 2016 Vincent Mathieu!

Vincent Mathieu is today one of the best freedivers of the world in static freediving, as well as a coach and a professional teacher living from his passion.

Benoit Canell is a freediving teacher and an experienced coach, having trained several national athletes.

During 2 days, you will be coach by this shock team to improve your performance, and understand how to optimize your freediving, whatever your discipline of practice. (freediving leisure or competition, spearfishing ...).

A sport course, with theoric courses concerning the different methods of relaxation, training, dietetics ... Practical sessions in swimming pool and sport club, etc ...

A program of champion! Vincent and Benoit will share their experience of static and dynamic freediving for an exceptional freediving course.

Duration : 1 day
Price : 105,00 €
Offer this course
  • Coaching by professionals (Vincent Mathieu and Benoit Canell)
  • Static freediving session
  • Relaxation
  • Dry work session
  • Theoric session ( training ...)